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Batch 2024

BBA IPM 2024 Magic Toolkit Compact


/ ₹3999

BBA IPM 2024 Magic Toolkit


/ ₹7999

BBA IPM 2024 Magic Toolkit Plus


/ ₹14399

BBA IPM 2024 Comprehensive Live


/ ₹34999

Batch 2025

BBA IPM 2025 Magic Toolkit Compact


BBA IPM 2025 Magic Toolkit


BBA IPM 2025 Magic Toolkit Plus


BBA IPM 2025 Comprehensive Live


Why do students trust us ?

Right Counseling​

Endeavor prides itself on providing the right career counseling to each and every student who comes here for an advice or information. This includes understanding, their aspirations, the various sources influencing them, assessing their actual dreams and finally, guiding them according to their interests and not according to what the multitude thinks is a good or a bad career.

Comprehensive Online Platform​

State-of-the-art online testing platform designed to provide most exhaustive feedback to elevate one's performance overtime.

Full time Expert Faculty

With full-time faculty specially equipped to handle career and exam preparation related questions, you can rest assured you are in safe hands.

Personalized Meeting

One to One regular interactions and feedback sessions with our expert mentors and faculties offer an unparalleled test preparedness and hand holding for career guidance