Navigating the 80th Percentile in CAT with Endeavor Magic’s Guidance

Navigating the competitive landscape of the CAT exam is a challenge that Endeavor embraces with its students. Achieving an 80th percentile is a significant milestone, opening doors to numerous esteemed MBA colleges in India. While options for IIMs might be limited at this percentile, there are excellent opportunities in non-IIM colleges.

For students driven by Return on Investment (RoI), newer IIT MBA programs in Jodhpur and Dhanbad are viable choices, particularly for candidates around the 89-90 percentile mark. Additionally, institutions like IMT Ghaziabad and GIM Goa are accessible for aspirants expecting scores around 88-90 percentiles. These institutes value strong profiles and effective GDPI performances.

Great Lakes Chennai emerges as a formidable option for those with 2+ years of work experience, particularly in their PGPM program. Known for their Business Analytics programs, these institutes offer promising career prospects. For candidates scoring around 87-88 percentiles, these programs become increasingly accessible.

Similarly, IMI New Delhi and FORE School of Management welcome students within the 85-88 percentile range. TAPMI Manipal stands out for those scoring above 85 percentiles, with its flagship PGDM program requiring a slightly higher percentile.

Endeavor’s expert guidance, infused with a touch of magic, is pivotal for students aspiring to specialized programs like NIBM Pune’s PGDM in Banking and Financial Services and high RoI courses at Institute of Management Studies BHU, Varanasi. This strategic approach is especially beneficial for those achieving over 85 percentiles, enabling them to unlock new educational avenues.

For those in the 80-85 percentile range, KJ Somaiya and Welingkar Mumbai offer the advantage of their Mumbai location and robust job prospects. NIRMA University Ahmedabad is also a target for students around this range, with opportunities even for those scoring between 75-80 percentiles.

At Endeavor, we advocate for a balanced mix of optimism and realism in choosing your ideal colleges. For those navigating the mid-80 percentile range, it’s wise to explore a variety of institutions, including GIM and NIRMA. This approach not only broadens your options but also sprinkles a bit of Endeavor’s strategic magic into your decision-making process, ensuring a wider range of choices for your academic and career aspirations.

Please note, the CAT 2023 cutoffs for IIMs vary by category. For instance, IIM Ahmedabad’s cutoff for General is 80, but for OBC, it’s 75, and for SC and ST, it’s 70 and 60, respectively. Other IIMs have similar variations. Aspirants from OBC, SC, ST, and other categories should consider these specific cutoffs when targeting IIMs. This distinction is crucial for a more tailored and realistic approach in your B-school applications and call expectations.

Lastly, reflecting on CAT 2023, for an 85th percentile, candidates scored between 19 and 22 in VARC, 13 and 16 in DILR, and around 14 to 15 in QA. Endeavor’s training focuses on surpassing these benchmarks, equipping aspirants with targeted strategies for each section to excel in future CAT exams.

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